The Benefits of Having Older Friends

Credit: “The Intern” I have always enjoyed spending time with friends that were significantly older than myself.  I grew up as an only child in a house full of adults.  My parents, grandparents, and other family members all lived under one roof, and I was typically the youngest by three decades.  As a result, I […]

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The 52 Letter Challenge

I have had several reminders in the past few weeks of how important it is to tell our loved ones that we appreciate them. Monday I was at the airport and a little five year old girl turned around in the boarding line for the plane to tell me that she loved my shirt and blue purse. We then engaged in a long conversation on her love of the color blue. […]

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Why I Secretly Love My Weird Family

My Weird Family

Lindsay’s family on the 70th Anniversary of their farm. (Credit: Bo Fried) Let’s face it… our families can be downright embarrassing.  They are the people that know us well enough to say just the wrong thing at the wrong time and make us blush ten shades of red.  That being said, they are also the […]

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