Why My Husband’s Celebrity Crush Made Me Love Him More

Credit: Netflix

We’ve all had our celebrity crushes over the years.  Some are more embarrassing than others, and some persist beyond a reasonable amount of time, but usually they’re harmless and trivial.  I always thought that it was just a good topic for dinner conversation, but I was really glad to coax my husband’s celebrity crush out of him.  He has a soft spot for Elizabeth Banks that, oddly enough, made me love him more.

So often the actors we’re presented with can seem very one dimensional.  Since I’ve never met any of them, I can’t say if that’s actually the case, but it’s certainly the way they can be portrayed by the media.  Elizabeth Banks seems to be a woman that cannot be fit into a mold.  She’s beautiful, talented, funny and clearly has the chops to deliver effective lines as well as to direct and produce them.  She can dazzle us all with her comedic wit in Pitch Perfect or hold her own against Alec Baldwin in 30 Rock.  I know her work in Wet Hot American Summer was a starting point for my husband’s interest, and who can blame him?  She’s hot and hilarious.  She is a woman that holds herself out as strong, confident, and not afraid of her own intellect, something that often seems to be missing amongst other celebrities.  She stands up for other women and the causes that she believes in.

I know that the reasons that I admire Elizabeth Banks may not hold up for my husband.  I’m not even sure he knows that much about her, but honestly knowing that he is attracted to funny women that use their brains and humor to enhance their roles is enough for me.  So often women are expected to have brains or beauty, but Elizabeth Banks seems to have the whole package.  It makes me proud to know that my husband will look beyond just good genetics to see a whole person and love them for the sum of their parts.

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