The 52 Letter Challenge

Credit: The beautiful blog Lettermate has great tips to turn your letter writing challenge into an art project.

A quick programing note: Often I find myself making notes of the things that I want to do, wish I could do, or hope to accomplish someday.  Some are fairly easy to accomplish and others require significant effort, but in one way or another they are all challenges.  As a result, I’ve decided to start issuing monthly challenges.  These are mainly addressed towards myself, but maybe you’ve had some of these items on your bucket list too.  If so, feel free to challenge yourself as well.  So, with no further ado, I give you the first challenge.

The 52 Letter Challenge

I have had several reminders in the past few weeks of how important it is to tell our loved ones that we appreciate them.  Monday I was at the airport and a little five year-old girl turned around in the boarding line for the plane to tell me that she loved my shirt and blue purse.  We then engaged in a long conversation on her love of the color blue.  It was one of the most honest and heartwarming conversations and I got off that plane feeling like a happier person.  I started thinking, why don’t we just say the nice things we think?  When did we lose this childish ability?

So I’ve decided to embark upon a 52 letter challenge.  Every week for a year I will send a letter to a friend or family member that lets them know how much I appreciate them and the good that I see in them.  So many people in my life are amazing and I don’t tell them that enough.  It’s time to let them know how special they are and how my life is better for knowing them.  In this world full of people tearing each other down on social media, it might be a nice change to take a minute and appreciate one another.  

Why letters and why now?  It would be easy to put this off until January and start then, but January is always so busy with other resolutions that this challenge could easily get lost in the shuffle.  I’ve chosen letters as the perfect medium because they allow for a personal connection through our unique penmanship and it offers a certain keepsake value.  Plus there’s nothing better than unexpectedly receiving a handwritten note in the mail.  Not to mention it’s a great excuse to buy stationery.  Here’s my first attempt to be mailed shortly:

“You are incredible.  To me you are superwoman and I am constantly in awe of your ability to take care of everyone around you.  You’re gorgeous, funny and smart… a combination I didn’t know could exist.  But even more than that, I’m impressed by how honestly you approach all of your interactions.  Watching you inspires me to be more emotionally open and work to share my thoughts with others.  You also have a decisiveness that I admire.  You are a strong woman who goes for what she wants and gets it!  Thank you for letting me grow up beside you.  I have loved watching you become a great woman and phenomenal mother.”

How about you… Is there someone special you’ve be meaning to recognize?

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