How My Dog Changed My Life

From the time I was able to speak I was on a quest to convince my parents that we should adopt a dog.  But despite my attempts, they were smart enough to know that any dog we adopted would have ended up as theirs to feed and walk.  There are certain life goals that you take with you waiting for the right time to make them happen, and this was one of mine.  It wasn’t a particularly hard goal to achieve, but I took it very seriously.  I was determined to make the right choice at the right time not only for me, but also for my future canine companion.

Four summers ago, was definitely the right time.  I had gotten a new job, survived a breakup, and everything was in place for me to have a happy life as a single woman with too many pets.  I already had three cats at the time, so I figured I might as well commit to my crazy single animal lady persona.  It seemed to suit me well.  But the thing I never expected about owning a dog, in the city especially, is just how many people you meet as a result.  Most of the time, those meetings are quick and routine.  Typically I can only tell you the dog’s name and not their owner’s name, but sometimes great things can come out of these meetings.

I was walking my dog, Missy on a December morning when I met a man who would introduce me to the man that is now my husband.  This was not a Woody Allen-esque type of meet cute, to be clear.  It took us a little while to get to that point, but if I didn’t have Missy to force me to put myself out there (at the very least for purposes of emptying her bladder) I could have missed out on the opportunity to meet some amazing people, that are still in my life to this day.

Missy is also a source of comfort and security.  I feel better knowing she’s around because at your worst, there’s always someone who cares about you at the end of the day and has no qualms about showing you just how much.  I can only hope that Missy understands how important she is to me and how she has impacted my life in ways that I don’t even understand yet.  Today, when I see people walking their dogs, I can’t help but wonder how their dogs have changed their lives.

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