I Switched From Face Wash to Coconut Oil and Here’s What I Noticed

Coconut Oil

Lindsay has been using coconut oil from RMS Beauty for months.  (Credit: www.rodales.com)

Like many women I struggle to keep my skin healthy and happy.  I have combination skin which leads to a constant struggle between oily and dry skin.  I’ve been using a mild face soap for years, but a few months ago I decided to give coconut oil a try instead.  I had heard great things about its powers from an amazing blog, Deliciously Ella.  Here’s what I noticed…

Makeup melts off easily:  Coconut oil is solid at room temperature.  Rubbing it into my face, the texture was mostly creamy with a few small grainy pieces that seemed to act as an exfoliator.  Immediately my makeup started to melt off, especially my normally stubborn waterproof mascara.  It may be the best makeup remover I’ve ever used.

After washing your face it will still feel slightly oily:  After washing my face, there was still a slightly oily residue left.  At first this really bothered me.  It was certainly a major change from the tight and “fresh” feeling that I normally experience after using face wash.  I’d later come to understand that the “fresh” feeling was my skin drying out.

Small blemishes for the first week or so:  For the first week or so, my skin went through an adjustment period.  I noticed little red dots and small superficial blemishes popping up.  They were all very small and easily hidden with makeup.  I let them run their course and they all disappeared on their own relatively quickly.

My combination skin adjusted nicely:  After my skins initial adjustment period, I started to really like how my skin was responding.  The dry sections of my skin started to diminish and the oily sections did not become any oilier.  Overall, this may be the most balanced my skin has ever been.

What to look for in a coconut oil:  Coconut oil spans multiple brands and price points.  I recommend looking for an organic coconut oil that meets your budget.  Below are some brands to consider.

RMS Beauty
RMS Beauty ($18)


Cocovit Coconut Oil
Cocovit ($38)


All Good Coconut Oil
All Good ($15)

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